Friday, May 22, 2009

Web 3.0

I was reading an article by Michael Baumann in Information Today ("Web 3.0: The Next Step for the Internet, May 2009). The article discussed how Web 3.0 changes will be drastically different from the changes we saw with Web 2.0 technologies. Baumann suggested that Web 3.0 will be different because it will focus on changes with infrastructure, where as Web 2.0 focused on changes with technologies.

One *welcomed*change that we may experience with Web 3.0 is machines doing menial tasks such as deleting spam email and other types of data sorting. Furthermore, Web 3.0 is expected to make surfing the internet a lot easier for everyone.

With these expected changes, do you think librarians will be teaching (or re-teaching) patrons how to use the internet in addition to research skills?