Thursday, November 17, 2011

HeinOnline Wiki

This post was written by guest blogger Adrienne DeWitt.

As we all know, part of a librarian’s job is training library patrons on electronic resources. While vendors are generally cooperative in providing company-authored training materials, finding this information may require a phone call or a bit of searching. HeinOnline, however, has created the “Hein Maintenance and Training Wiki”. This Wiki is a one-stop website for Hein training materials. Links include training guides and webinars specifically created improve Hein user knowledge. Librarians may find the "Training Guide" page particular useful. There is information there that would be useful to law review students or students writing seminar papers in helping them use HeinOnline effectively.

The Hein Wiki offers more than just training information; there is also a link for library maintenance and online accessibility problems. For example, the FAQ link answers a broad variety of questions ranging from downloading Adobe Acrobat to exporting citations. Additionally, there is also a “2.0 Customer Community Link” that provides access to Hein’s Blog, Twitter, and Facebook accounts.

Since I have discovered the HeinOnline Wiki, I first try to refer to the FAQs for all online issues before I contact my HeinOnline representative. It is a great “one stop shop” for all of your Hein training and maintenance needs. For more information and access to the HeinOnline Wiki, click here.