Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Here at the University of Kentucky, I am a member of the LibGuides Working Group. Since I am a member of the group, I thought I should actually create a LibGuide. My group had a training session last week that I attended. It was a mixture of group teaching and one on one training, and I have to say, I think I like LibGuides.

Creating a LibGuide was similar to creating a Wiki. LibGuides allows you to set up as many or as few tabs as you like. You can also create a tab that will link directly to a web page. Adding links isn't too hard, either.

LibGuides allows you to add tags to allow for easier searching. Additionally, LibGuides allows you to keep statistics, which is good for knowing how often your patrons access your guide.

LibGuides also has features like adding the picture of a book, adding video, and adding chat options.

The other nice thing is that it gives some uniformity to research guides across the library system.

I'm not sure how many Law Libraries are currently using LibGuides, but if you or your campus subscribe to this product, transfer a few of your existing guides over and see if this helps you reach your patrons.

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