Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Call for Nominations: AALL New Product Award

Have you discovered any great new library products this past year? If so, let us know! It is time to nominate these products for AALL’s New Product Award.

The New Product Award honors a new and innovative commercial legal information product that enhances or improves existing law library services and/or procedures. New products may include, but are not limited to, printed material, computer hardware and/or software, or other products or devices that aid or improve access to legal information, the legal research process, or procedures for technical processing of library materials. Any product that has been re-introduced in a new format or with substantial changes is also eligible. A new product is one that has been in the library-related marketplace for two years or less.

All AALL members are encouraged to think about the exciting new information products being used in their libraries and to send us their nominations for this award. Interested vendors may also self-nominate their new products. Recipients of the New Product Award need not hold membership in AALL. Nominations can be sent by mail to the address below or via email.

To Submit a Nomination for the 2011 Award
Nomination forms can be found on the CRIV website under the New Product Award tab. The deadline for receipt of submissions is January 31, 2011.

Librarian Nominations
If you are a librarian nominating a product, please give as much information about the product as possible. The New Product Awards Subcommittee will contact the publisher of the product for any further information required.

Vendor/Publisher Nominations
If you are a vendor or publisher nominating a hard copy product, please submit the form along with a sample product, if available. If you are nominating a Web-based or online product, please submit the form with all necessary contact information, including URL(s) and temporary login and password information.

For hard copy products, brochures, and/or any other materials, we recommend that you send four copies for the New Product Award Subcommittee and the AALL Awards Committee.

Please send completed forms and documents to:

Michelle Cosby
Faculty Services Librarian
North Carolina Central University School of Law
640 Nelson Street
Durham, NC 27707
919.530.5241 (Office)
919.530.7926 (Fax)

The deadline for submissions is January 31, 2011.

Click here for application form

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